Our Services

1. Software – Our experts provide an objective, independent perspective to help companies realize the full potential of their IT resources, investments and assets. We work with companies to reduce costs, develop outsourcing and offshoring strategies that meet their needs, redesign their organization, and ensure a cost-effective application portfolio that supports innovation to deliver breakthrough IT performance improvements. Thanks to our Software division, we help clients maximize the business results from major IT initiatives, including turnaround programs, evaluate the case for investment, set up projects for success, and ensure they capture value when implementing new systems and programs.

2. FinTechThe rise of Fintech continues to change the way people do business worldwide.  Ambra develops tools for companies to cut costs and improve the quality of their financial services. Thus, a business can offer substantially advanced services at a lower rate. Additionally, we offer assistance and mentorship for market players on how they should strategically approach FinTech in this ever-changing environment. Through Moneymailme we created a system that uses e-wallets and allows users to initiate and complete money transfers instantly to practically anywhere in the world.

3. Charity / Social ImpactBeing charitable is one of the most rewarding and emotional traits of any person across the globe. Through our partnership with Global Giving, we make it possible for local organizations to access the funding, tools, training and support they need to become more effective and make the world a better place through charitable causes.

4. PressAmbra’s press division delivers content marketing, media outreach and help increase visibility in the marketplace for clients. We build strategic programs that target brand and corporate distinction and we offer vital marketing support our clients need to thrive in a world with such a high density of product innovations.

6. Security We help our clients establish and maintain an information security governance framework and offer support to ensure that the information security strategy is aligned with organizational goals and objectives. We make sure information risk is managed appropriately and program resources are handled responsibly.

7. Media – From creating brand books, official clips and special events, copywriting and press release, we stand out through the relation with clients, in order to create for them a professional and unique image on the market. Our Ingenium Media division in Monaco builds brands and grows businesses, designs and delivers iconic experiences, services and products. We believe that greatness in a disruptive era requires bold ambition and a seamless integration across all marketing channels to build impact and accountability.

8. Travel Through the Private Travel Business branch, Ambra offers a comprehensive service for private and corporate traveling, for companies and clients with special needs for tourism – closed circuit – and provides each member with a dedicated account manager to regularly track and monitor service levels. Our services include custom-designed private travel packages, VIP tickets to the most exclusive events, private jet chartering, private security and much more for a insightful, enriching and eye-opening travel experience.

9. IT Consulting – Let us help ensure the success of your journey. We build innovative solutions, well-defined strategies and deep domain expertise that aim to optimize your costs, reduce risk, and see a faster return on your IT investments. Our expertise in infrastructure and applications management help entrepreneurs have a national or worldwide reach.

10. Investments – Our experts will provide key information and advice beforehand investing and afterwards. With many years of experience in the field of venture capital funds, we are ready to offer full coverage. Once on board we will help you succeed by assisting you with finding investors, key strategic partners and category-specific experts to provide you with support and guidance for business growth.

11. Incubation – We are providing startups and new companies with management training and opportunity seeking advices. Since startup companies lack many resources, experience and networks, incubators provide services which helps them get through initial hurdles in starting up a business. These hurdles include space, funding, legal, accounting, computer services and other prerequisites to running the business. We are here to help.